Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Someone asked me.. wanting to know me better, as to what do I like.
Though I find that question to be a boring one sometimes,.. this one inspired me to answer today!
And I began to write..
and wrote,

What do I like?

I like rains.. clouds..
also the warm sun most of the times,..
I love silence,.. and sitting under the tree watching the river flow by,

good driving, no honking people,
I like driving long journeys,..
.. the koyal's cohoo..anytime! especially when it sings to itself even in the buzzle of traffic!
I like fresh flowers,.. neat houses, .. simple furniture,
good fresh vegetarian food,
hmm... i love smiles and .. men who talk less ;)
.. I love to read , my morning chai
coffee ..only those evenings when i crave for it,..
I like committed people, sensitivity,..
.. people with compassion,
watching the waves of the sea,..
the expression on buddha's face,..
and in Christ's,
.. love Krshna's flute and pranks,
and Radha's love

And I could not stop... did not want to edit